Ensuring the right for accessible environment for people with special needs

On the 1st of July 201, “Kiev Municipal League of Public Organizationsof People with Disabilities”, supported by World Jewish Relief, started the project called “Ensuring the right for accessible environment for people with special needs.” The aim of the project is to create an opportunity for independent social life for people with disabilities by creating accessible environment.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To unite civil society organizations in order to protect the rights of people with disabilities for the architectural accessibility;
  • To create affordable environment needed for daily life of people with disabilities;
  • To increase community awareness about accessibility issues in Kyiv.

The duration of the project is 1 year.
Symbolically, our project begins on the 1st of July – the Day of Architecture in Ukraine.
We call on government agencies, NGOs, representatives of socially responsible companies and volunteers to collaborate in the project.
We can do more when we stand together! Let’s unite and change the world for better.

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