Forever young

An integrated meeting was organized by the “Union of public organizations of people with disabilities of Kiev” as a part of the project «Organizing leisure for the former prisoners of concentration camps, prisoners and victims of the nazi regime» and the program «Venue is Dialogue» supported by international foundation «Memory, Responsibility, Future».

At the meeting, the participants of the project had an opportunity to chat, meet friends and young people. They were also visited by a famous artist, romances singer Ruslan Ishchenko, who by his magical singing has wonderfully energized the audience. All the participants of the meeting sang songs of their youth together with Ruslan Ishchenko and some even offered to sing their own songs, written during their stay in concentration camps, along with him.
In general, the meeting was held in a friendly and warm atmosphere. The participants gladly talked about life, shared their experience and discussed the topics for future meetings.