A new ramp on the Children’s Day

On the occasion of Children’s Day, the opening of the reconstructed ramp in the Territorial center of social service, located in Darnitsky district of Kyiv (9, st. Verbitskogo) took place.
The ramp was built in the framework of the project “Ensuring the right to accessible environment for people with special needs”, which is being implemented by Kiev Municipal League of Public Organizations of People with Disabilities (SGOIK), with the support of the “World Jewish Relief” (WJR).

The meeting started with welcoming speech of the Chairman of the Darnitskiy district state administration Gennady Sintsov. He noted:
– Nice to see that the reconstructed ramp is made not just for a show, it’s really a construction, which was made and adapted according to the needs of children with disabilities of the Department of socio-medical rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, mentally retarded children and children with lesions of the Central nervous system. This building is a positive example of work of the public organizations of the district, city and country in general. Then Gennady Sintsov presented to the president of SGOIK Alexander Vorona a note of gratitude for the considerable personal contribution in socio-cultural and economic development of the district.


The parents of pupils of the center have joined to the welcoming words:
– Thank you for the new ramp. We have been waiting for this event for a long time, dreaming that someday our children would be able to get to the center without any borders. Now, this dream has come true. Sincerely grateful to SGOIK and WJR, and all who helped to make our dream a reality.

Alexander Vorona, the president of SGOIK, told about the purposes and tasks of the project “Ensuring the right to accessible environment for people with special needs” which is being implemented by the Union since 2013:
– At the beginning of our project, we first of all think how to minimize idle talks and to focus effort on specific actions in the form of ramps, relevant to thestate construction norms and the real needs of users. Just to say that wherever there are conditions for free access for handicapped people, and where not, is not enough. Implementing our project, we have combined NGOs, state structures, socially responsible and construction companies for a common goal. In the framework of the project, we have planned to build 7 ramps this year, 4 of which are already constructed. Thank you to everyone who supports us, and therefore makes a significant contribution to this common, important for the city and the district thing.
The festival continued with speeches of the center’s pupils, who prepared poems and songs, pictures and applications as a sign of gratitude.
And finally the time for the Grand opening came. Under the loud applause, the tape was cut off, and everyone were able to use the new easy ramp.

Special thanks: «World Jewish Relief» (WJR), to the Chairman of the Darnitskiy district state administration Gennady Sintsov for promoting, to the head of LLC “South coast classic” – Konstantin Medvedev, to the head of the territorial center of social services (a social service) of Darnitskiy district Valentina Stechuk.