Integrated meeting to the Day of Victory

The Day of 9th May is still special for the people of our country. However, it is the most remarkable for the older generation – for those who still remember the sound of the explosion of anti-personnel mines and the terrible roar of the enemy’s airplanes overhead. The project “Organization of leisure for former prisoners of concentration camps, prisoners of war and victims of the Nazi regime” in support of “Memory. Responsibility. Future.” was created for them. On the occasion of the celebration of the immortal Victory of the people who managed to erase fascism, to honor the memory of his people’s struggle for freedom and independence of the country, an integrated meeting within the project was organized.

Respected gray-haired guests of the meeting were presented and donated the book “The yoke of occupation” and “Relay of the memory.” They are devoted to the events of the Second World War and tell about hard times and unbearable physical and spiritual pain experienced by the victims of occupation and Nazi concentration camps.

The famous singer of romantic songs Ruslan Ishchenko has come to welcome the guests of the Union, who gladly responded to the invitation to a festive meeting in the framework of the project. The artist’s melodic, enchanting voice has raised the mood of the guests and added to it some cheerfulness inspired with a touch of nostalgia for the light though torn by war and cruelty, but nonetheless charming youth. All the participants were singing familiar songs together with Ruslan Ishchenko.

The meeting took place in a warm, very friendly atmosphere. The visitors got a chance to communicate both with each other and with young people, to remember the past and honor the memory of comrades who sacrificed their lives for the freedom and independence of our country.