International Day of People with Disability

Dear friends!

Today, on the 3rd of December, we celebrate the Day of People with Disabilities – of the people who are strong in spirit, creative and, despite all the difficulties, cheerful.

The members of “Kiev Municipal League of Public Organizationsof People with Disabilities” have been helping you to change the living conditions for the better for more than 15 years. We are fighting side by side for the welfare of people with disabilities, according to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the implementation of these rights in our country. Our projects aim to create opportunities for independent social life, accessible environment and interesting leisure activities, to the exchange of international experience and rehabilitation in foreign camps, getting new knowledge, particularly in computer science.
International Day of People with Disability

The present day is a perfect occasion to reflect on the situation and the rights of people with disabilities, on what everyone among us, as well as the representatives of the community and the government, is doing to ensure that all so that we could live in a civil society where everyone shows respect to everyone.

We sincerely wish you: even in the darkest winter day, be joyful, smile, love your life and prove the others again and again that people with disabilities are a special, but an equal part of society.

Have endless inspiration and strength so that we were together, able to bridge the gap between “disability” and a decent standard of living. United, we can more!

Sincerely yours,
Kiev Municipal League of Public Organizationsof People with Disabilities staff