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The legendary band «The Prodigy» in Kiev

On June the 4th, the capital of Ukraine has been covered by the blast of the electronic madness raving from the main characters of 90th and the “electronic punks” of the modern music industry, the real legends – The Prodigy! The participants of the project “A Ticket to Dream”, which […]

Integrated meeting to the Day of Victory

The Day of 9th May is still special for the people of our country. However, it is the most remarkable for the older generation – for those who still remember the sound of the explosion of anti-personnel mines and the terrible roar of the enemy’s airplanes overhead. The project “Organization […]

Meeting with idol: Markus Schulz

Some meetings in our life leave the deepest footprint in one’s memory, making one’s mind come back to that moment in order to re-think all the things that were heard, to understand the feelings and emotions that have settled in one’s soul forever. Such was my encounter with a wonderful […]

From the Greeks to the Varangians, or a trip to Norway

One hot day in late July in the airport “Boryspil” the five desperate adventurers finally met: young pharmacist Ilia and his assistant Maryna, who specializes on rehabilitation – both from Luhansk; a blind programmer Sergiy and two students of  “University Ukraine” – the future journalist Viktoria and her assistant, Ivan, […]